By Bernat Cucarella Sifre

Clarinetist: Alba Francés Martínez

This study focused on the use of the harm. trumpet mute on the clarinet is due to the lack of specific information that I found in the use of this element in this instrument.

The motivation was the search for different sounds of the clarinet that extended its timbre and its use in a work. The motivation for publishing this article comes from the need to share this information with the rest of the composers or musicians who want to use it.

You will be able to observe at each point the name of the technique as well as the specifications and interpretative possibilities (the result of conversations with the clarinetist). Also, you will see a spectrum and a transcription to traditional notation of what is produced.

At the end you will be able to see how it was placed and how it was recorded with the audios for a complete explanation. In addition, you can find my contact to ask me any questions.

  1. Bb: Low Biphonic Tone
  • E low all-closed position
  • ppp < p
  • Difficult

  1. Bb: Low Multiphonic
  • E low all-closed position
  • mf < ff
  • Easy transition B to multiphonic

To continue reading the article: Harm. mute for trumpet, used on clarinets in bb & a. Bernat Cucarella

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